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The Brentwood Lacrosse Club (BLC) of Brentwood, Tenn. offers Boy's Lacrosse as a club sport for students of Brentwood High School (BHS) and Brentwood Middle School (BMS) and the feeder schools (grades 3 thru 6) that ultimately feed Brentwood High School.  BLC is is a  member of The Tennessee Scholastic Lacrosse Association (TSLA).

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Changes Within Brentwood Lacrosse

Brentwood Lacrosse would like to take this opportunity to announce some changes to our coaching staff for the 2017 season.

We are pleased to announce that Chuck Catterton, our High School (HS) Head Coach for the past sixteen (16) years has been appointed as “Coach Emeritus” for the Brentwood Lacrosse program and will assume a position on the Board of Directors for Brentwood Lacrosse.  Coach Catterton has been the bedrock of the Brentwood Lacrosse program for the past sixteen years.  He has had a major role in shaping and molding the lives of the lacrosse student/athletes that have come through our program.  In his new role as Coach Emeritus, Coach Catterton will assist the HS coaching staff on operational issue.  Also, in his new role, he will be working closer with the Middle School (MS) program and lead that program from a coaching standpoint.  We owe Coach Catterton a debit of gratitude and are excited to have him remain in our program with new responsibilities.

Brentwood Lacrosse is also pleased to announce that Mike Nusbaum will be our new High School (HS) program Head Coach.    Coach Nusbaum has been with the Brentwood program for some six (6) years and we are pleased to have him.  His brother, Steven, will also work with the HS JV team.  Two other former Brentwood players, Colin Hart and Patrick Gill, who also went on to play college lacrosse and came back to Brentwood Lacrosse last season.  

As previously mentioned, Coach Catterton will focus his coaching activity on the MS program along with Coach Cooper and Coach Austin who have worked with the MS program for the past several years.  We also anticipate adding two or three more coaches to the MS program.

At the Development level, Coach Steve McGrory will continue to lead this important group of young men along with Steve Gawrys.  We also anticipate adding two to three more development coaches before the spring season begins.

Lastly, Steve McGrory will assume a newly created position in the Brentwood Lacrosse program.  Along with being a member of the Board, Steve will also assume the role of Director of Coaching.

We are extremely proud of the Brentwood Lacrosse program.  It continues to be one of the premier lacrosse programs in the State of Tennessee.  It is also one of the rare programs in the state that has the continuity of having all-boys lacrosse under one program which certainly aids in the development of our lacrosse student/athletes.

We thank you for your support of our program and hope that you will continue to actively participate in supporting this fantastic program going forward.  Without the supportive men mentioned above AND program parents this program can not achieve and sustain a competitive program that is all about “Building Men of Character”.


by posted 06/23/2016
Anatomy of a Check

Here's a very well done video by CBS Sports on the art of the stick check.



by posted 04/29/2015
Welcome to the Brentwood Lacrosse Club Website

Welcome to the BLC website!  If you have not already done so please register your family/player using the "Register Online" tab to the left.  Registering is the only way to assure that you get the information you need to keep in touch with the BLC.

by posted 10/04/2010
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